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4 votes

Resharing for more entries

Give users more entries when they reshare with friends and their friends use their unique link to sign up. Possibly a entry just for sharing on social, plug an additional entry for each person who uses their link to also enter.

4 votes

intergation with woocommerce follow email plugin

How to intergation with woocommerce or woocommerce follow email plugin?

3 votes

MyCred Badge for Giveaway Winners

Would be very awesome if we could give a MyCred Badge to winners of Giveaways. That would allow them to see it in their profile and for other people to see that the Giveaway really happened.

2 votes

Show the Odds of winning before and after

Add the way to show the odds of winning (customizable) in order to incentivize the people to optin.

1 vote

Support for URL Tracking Parameters

It would be great if the plugin can grab the values from Google Analytics tracking parameters such as: utm_medium, utm_source, utm_campaign

This way we could see how many referrals come from different sources or campaigns.

Multiple winners

This is when a certain number of records are determined to win. And everyone who has reached this number is appointed the winner.

Allow multiple winners with different prizes

Allow different prizes by rank: i.e. winners from rank 1, get prize 1, winners from ranks 2 to 3 get prize 2, from rank 4 to 6 get prize 3.

automatic fraud detection  

you need to create a system can detect fraud and cheat like invalid emails and wrong informaion

Gravity Forms integration

A Gravity Forms integration would be awesome. I use Gravity Forms on my site and have a lot of custom code for it. It would be really great if I could use a Gravity Forms form to sign a user up for a giveaway. I’d still like the rest of the Simple Giveaways functionality to work but would just want to replace the default form with a GF form instead.

Enable Custom MyCred Costs for Different Giveaways

Right now, every entry costs 1 MyCred point. I’d like to be able to set different MyCred entry requirements for different giveaways. That way if a giveaway is more valuable it would require more points.

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