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Let number of registered users decide endtime

Option for letting number of registered users decide when the competition ends, instead of time scheduling. So when numbers of registered users have reached eg 1000 members, the competition ends.

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1 vote

evergreen campaign

be able to setup evergreen campaign so dont have to change dates all the time,

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3 votes

Set up a Default Winner's Email

I’d like to be able to create a default Winners Email with the basics – logo – address and generic instructions

2 votes


Will a Gamipress add-on be available ? So that users could spend Gamipress points for entries (like with the MyCred add-on).

2 votes

woocommerce integraion

need an option to allow partipicants allow to join a giveaway only when they purchase the selected product on the woocommerce store is that possible ??

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2 votes

Add time zone support

Add so you can choose which time zone the giveaway is held in.


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