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Text & Email

Inside of the Text & Email section in a Giveaway, you can define rules and emails.


When writing the Rules for your giveaway, there are a few placeholders

Initial EntrySponsor Name if you have one. You can use {{sponsor_name}} in Rules text.
Rules: Sponsor(s) AddressAddress of the Sponsor. You can use {{sponsor_address}} to display it anywhere in the Rules text.
Rules: Sponsor Email(s)Emails of the sponsor. Use {{sponsor_email}} in the Rules text.
Rules: Sponsor CountryCountry of the sponsor. Use {{sponsor_country}} in the Rules text.
Rules: Eligible Location(s)Locations where winners can be from. If you don’t have any, of course, don’t use it. Otherwise, you can use {{eligible_locations}}.
Rules: Eligible Min. AgeEligible minimum age for the winner(s). Use {{eligible_min_age}} in text.
RulesRules text. You can also use the “More” tag in them to separate the text that will be always shown and the other one that can be toggled.

Winner Email

Winner SubjectThe subject used when sending the Winner email. You can use {{TITLE}} in the subject to replace it with the Prize.
Winner EmailThe text used for the winner email.

Non-winner Email

This is a Premium feature. You can use the non-winner email as a great business opportunity to give a different “prize” for those who lost. You can create coupons with huge discounts and thus generate additional revenue.

Send Non Winner Email?If checked, it will send the non-winner email. Default: not checked.
Non Winner SubjectThe subject used in non-winner email.
Non Winner EmailThe text used for the non-winner email.
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