Enhance Your Business With Video: How to Do a Giveaway on YouTube

Since 2005, YouTube has proven the popularity of video. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook were quick to update their video capability. Now, video marketing is one of the best ways to strengthen your business.

Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2020 report found 85% of businesses use video marketing. More impressive is that 87% of businesses say video has brought more traffic to their website, and 89% say they’ve received a positive return on investment from using video.

YouTube is the perfect platform for your next giveaway.

Video adds a personal touch to your marketing, and it more actively attracts viewers than using just text or a photo. Learning how to do a giveaway on YouTube can add more depth to your marketing and provides the opportunity to connect with your audience.

Read on to learn how to do a giveaway on YouTube, including:

  • Why giveaways on YouTube are a great option
  • How to use YouTube for giveaways
  • What types of YouTube contests you can offer
  • What legal guidelines you need to follow when you host a YouTube giveaway
  • What the best practices for your YouTube giveaway are

Why You Should Do a YouTube Giveaway

According to Statista, YouTube is the second most-used social network worldwide, after Facebook, with more than two billion users.

Google reports the watch time of shopping-related videos grew more than five times in the last few years. HubSpot also found 54% of consumers want more video content from the brands they enjoy.

Video is an essential tool for your business. If you want to become a YouTuber with your business, start with a marketing strategy. Using YouTube for a giveaway is a great way to increase business and your reach.

Decide How You Want to Use YouTube for Your Giveaway

First, determine your goals when figuring out how to do a giveaway on YouTube. Do you want more views? Or would you rather have viewers submit user content?

To convert viewers into loyal watchers, you’ll need to structure your giveaway based on building that subscriber base. You might attract new people with a great prize, but if you want those people to stay, you’ll need a different tactic, like being featured in an upcoming video.

You can also use YouTube to supplement a giveaway on your page, which will make your giveaway more exciting.


Use a plugin like Simple Giveaways on your website so your contest runs smoothly and efficiently.

Types of YouTube Contests

Any giveaway can benefit from using YouTube, and there are several ways video enhances your contest. You can give customers an inside look at your services or keep them entertained with funny giveaway videos.

Here are some examples of how to do a YouTube giveaway.

Giveaways Involving Your Services

Video can give people more insight into what your business does. Consider showcasing your offerings in a video. This can involve giving away your product or demonstrating your skills with desirable prizes.

On customizing YouTube channel ZHC, they added their designs to 100 Nintendo Switches and gave them away, engaging customers and showcasing their skills.


Viral Challenges

The viral Ice Bucket Challenge not only raised $115 million for ALS research but also gave companies an opportunity for content. There are plenty of fun challenges you can take advantage of that are relevant to your business.

Or you can make up your own. Photographer Jordan Matter frequently posts different photo challenges, like photographing 10 dance poses in 10 minutes, then offers a prize if he accomplishes the feat.

Vote on the Best Video

Whether you have viewers submit their videos or vote on their favorite videos you’ve posted, ranking things gets people engaged and encourages conversation. This could also be a way to get viewers to watch past content.

Comedy YouTube channel EMCproduction held a video contest for the second most difficult feature on the glockenspiel. Uses get involved in the submission process, watch funny content, and then share their opinions in the comments.

Submit Featured Content

User-generated content is an easy way to get viewers involved with your company. You can ask them to submit their artwork or ideas for your next video. Make the prize exciting so people will want to show off their skills.

Online gaming company Roblox held an avatar design contest and used a video to show off its winners.


Follow YouTube Guidelines for Contest Rules

Every giveaway you plan should follow legal guidelines set out by your local, state, and federal laws. YouTube’s rules for giveaways have become stricter, seemingly to discourage the manipulation of views and subscribers. 

Thoroughly review YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines to make sure your giveaway follows its rules. Having a video taken down or deactivated could hurt your brand and decrease trust.

Some of YouTube’s guidelines include:

  • Your giveaway must be free to enter
  • You need to post official rules for your giveaway, and link to YouTube’s Community Guidelines
  • You cannot use third-party applications to inflate metrics
  • You must clearly indicate YouTube is not affiliated or a sponsor of your giveaway
  • You cannot ask for ownership of or rights to the entries

Check the laws in your area, including lottery and contest laws. Take extra measures for specific audiences like entrants under 18 or international viewers.

Best Practices for Your Video Giveaway

  • Optimize your videos: When learning how to do a giveaway on YouTube, remember all the trusted optimization methods still apply. Attract viewers with an intriguing giveaway thumbnail and make sure your title is search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly.
  • Don’t forget the hashtags: This is part of optimizing your videos. It’s also a good idea to create giveaway hashtags for your contest.
  • Make standalone content:One of the goals of any video is for viewers to send it to their friends and family. Structure the video in a way that will be welcoming for newcomers to your page. This suggestion can vary depending on your goal, but keep in mind giveaways can attract new viewers.
  • Show off your personality: Make your video entertaining and demonstrate your brand. Take the opportunity to let people get to know you.

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Final Thoughts: Use More Video and Learn How to Do a Giveaway on YouTube

Video marketing is a lucrative tool to increase engagement with customers and showcase your business.

Deciding your goals — whether that entails getting more viewers or strengthening your branding — can help you choose how to do a giveaway on Youtube that will pay off.

You can use YouTube to supplement a giveaway on your website or do your giveaway directly on the platform. Make sure to follow all legal requirements and optimize your video for success.

Do you want help with your next giveaway? Check out Simple Giveaways’ packages today!

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