How To Run a Raffle: The 10 Biggest Contest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid During Your Giveaway

Giveaways can be an excellent way to excite your followers and entice new customers to your business. While learning how to run a raffle seems straightforward, many pitfalls can sabotage the benefit they bring. Here’s the good news: You can avoid contest marketing mistakes with some thoughtful planning and preparation. By nailing down details, ensuring … Read more

Converting Your Giveaway Entrants With the Best Strategies for Event Follow-Up Emails

When running a giveaway, you might think the important part is soliciting entrants and giving away the prize. But spending too much time thinking about the winner and prioritizing that prize notification email neglects the great opportunity to connect with all those other entrants during and after your online contest. Your giveaway strategy needs to … Read more

Enhance Your Business With Video: How to Do a Giveaway on YouTube

how to do a giveaway on youtube

Since 2005, YouTube has proven the popularity of video. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook were quick to update their video capability. Now, video marketing is one of the best ways to strengthen your business. Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2020 report found 85% of businesses use video marketing. More impressive is that 87% of businesses … Read more

How to Run a Giveaway That Increases Your Sales and Grows your Business

How to Do a Giveaway that Increases Sales + Small Prize Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of winning a prize. You experience that special, lucky feeling — and positive will for the company that ran the contest.

Consumers aren’t the only party that benefits from a giveaway. Companies can use giveaways as a fantastic opportunity to increase their sales.

It can seem counterintuitive, but businesses can reap many financial benefits by giving products or services away for free.

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How to Run a Twitter Giveaway: Everything You Need to Know

How to Do a Twitter Giveaway: Everything You Need to Know

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. Besides its function as a tool to spur social change, it has also completely altered the way businesses engage with their customers. Enter: the Twitter giveaway. Even Forbes recognizes the power of Twitter when it comes to increasing sales for small-sized and medium-sized businesses. According to Forbes, more than … Read more

Must-Know Legal Contest Rules For Running an Online Giveaway

online contest rules

Thinking about running a giveaway for your next marketing campaign? We don’t blame you. When implemented thoughtfully, social media contests and sweepstakes can still make for a winning strategy. One that works to build awareness, strengthen an email list, and increase your brand’s potential for going viral. And while launching an online contest and watching … Read more