Remind Subscribers or improve eCommerce conversion with latest Business Plan

The two latest versions 2.31.0 and 2.32.0 bring a lot of improvements to Simple Giveaways. You can remind subscribers before the giveaway ends, increase conversions on WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads products or use Drip/Mailerlite integrations to send subscribers to your marketing flows.

With 2.32.0 we have introduced a new Business Plan that will be focused on eCommerce and some more advanced future features (builder).

Here is the full changelog of 2.31.0-2.32.0:


  • New: Subscriber Reminder – Remind subscribers that your giveaway will end soon. Set how many days before it will be sent.
  • New: (Premium) Winning Ticket type – a new giveaway type to offer more of a marketing solution where no data is collected
  • New: Subscribers Reminder action on each giveaways – Whenever you want to remind subscribers, you click the button.
  • New: You can now retain all subscribers when cloning giveaways.
  • New: Added {USER_EMAIL} placeholder in the first (welcome) email to subscribers.
  • New: IP address can be saved if enabled inside of general settings. It will be shown in CSV export as well.
  • New: Background Image of a giveaway is now set under Display Settings of a giveaway.
  • New: Featured Image returned for each giveaway so your archive pages with giveaways can show a different image instead of the background.
  • Fix: (Premium) Mailster – new subscribers would not be added.
  • Fix: GDPR Terms and Privacy links will not be able to open in a new tab.


  • New: Prizes can be awarded manually to winners.
  • New: (Code) Hooking sharing methods so they can be excluded or the position changed (exp. below actions).
  • New: Entry, Share and Activation links in emails are actual links in case some email clients are not rendering them as links.
  • New: Licensing Software updated.
  • New: (Premium) Drip Integration.
  • New: (Premium) Mailerlite Integration.
  • New: (Business) WooCommerce Integration – Action to award entries if a product has been purchased.
  • New: (Business) Easy Digital Downloads Integration – Action to award entries if a product has been purchased.

Let’s now go over some of the exciting features.

Remind Subscribers

You can now remind subscribers X days before the Giveaway ends. Set the reminder email under Giveaways > Settings > Emails that will be used when reminding your subscribers.

If you want to remind your subscribers on a particular giveaway, you need to set how much days before the giveaway ends you will send a reminder email.

Showing remind subscribers setting

Winning Ticket Type

This winning ticket type is a giveaway type which you could see in some marketing efforts by big companies.

When using such type, you could enter a prize and all codes that, if entered, will win that prize.

For example, some companies assigned numbers or codes to their bottles. When you bought the bottle, you could enter the code on their site and if you entered a winning code, you would win a prize.

If someone wins, they will be shown the instructions on how to get the prize. If they did not win, they will be presented with an error message that they have not won and they can enter another prize there.

Prizes can be assigned Manually

If you have entered prizes before and you have not checked to assign prizes automatically (on premium), winners would not know which prize they had won. Now, even with the free version, you can assign prizes to winners.

When you click on Award Prizes Manually, you will get a multiple dropdown option to choose from.

eCommerce Integrations

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integrations are available on Business Plan. For now, with those integrations you will get a “Product Purchased” action for extra entries.

User will be able to get more entries if he/she has bought the product assigned to that action. Here is an example with the WooCommerce action.

Once clicked, you can choose a product you want this action to be about.

Once you have configured it and saved it, the subscriber will see it on the front of the giveaway.

Subscribers will have to enter their Order ID and the Order billing email so we can sure they are not cheating. If we find those orders have the correct billing email and that product in there, they will be awarded the entries you’ve set.

Such actions have also the product box there so if they have not bought it, they will be, on click, redirected to the product and thus increase your conversions.


I am mostly excited on improving the eCommerce solutions so you can increase your sales with our Simple Giveaways. A lot more is planned for future releases so stay tuned to our blog.

In the meantime, read some of our guides on hosting giveaways:

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